Transforming Talent Acquisition

Transforming Talent Acquisition


Our mission is to help transform your recruiting outcomes by building impactful in-house recruitment capability

How we can help

Attracting and keeping talent is the No.1 concern of CEO's.  As a result many of the worlds top employers are consistently reviewing how they are recruiting to remain competitive.

So we help companies do just that.  We help transform the way they recruit, embedding in-house recruitment excellence.

With over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition and leading corporate recruitment functions, we can help you build strategies and processes to attract, assess, hire, onboard and then retain amazing people.  

We can help you significantly reduce the cost of hiring, reduce your time to hire and adopt innovative, robust selection processes that candidates and hiring managers will love.

What we do

Recruitment Process Healthcheck


We can review your current recruitment processes and function and make recommendations to improve so you can build brand with your target talent audience, attract them to your business, and have the right processes to ensure you select the very best.

Recruitment Process Design


We can help you implement the right structure, systems, processes and methodologies to ensure you hire amazing talent every time, reducing the cost and hiring faster.

Recruitment Strategy


We help our clients design and implement strategies to find your target talent, attract them, assess them and onboard them.

We build strategies for key positions, volume hiring and hard to fill or niche roles.

Recruitment Campaign Management


We know how to run recruitment campaigns 

We can run small to large campaigns just like we would if we were your head of recruitment.

Interview Training


We have trained hundreds of managers all over the world to interview better.

We can help ensure your hiring managers have the required skills to interview and make evidence based, informed and robust hiring decisions. 

Managing Talent


Being Talentrich does not end with is only the beginning.

We work with our clients to build end to end talent strategies to make sure once you recruit talent you are set up to develop, grow and retain them.


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